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Before Departure

Please read before departure

point Additional expense

These are several other expenses in addition to the airfare, such as airport tax, special insurance premium, and fuel surcharges etc.
Special insurance premium is not for covering personal accident of travelers, but for partially covering the risk of insurance company in the case of serious accident which cannot be fully compensated only by the insurance company, since the event of terrorist attacks of NY.
Fuel Surcharge is for covering some of the additional fuel cost due to an increase of crude oil.
This may vary depending on oil prices.
Airport tax is fluctuated by the exchange rate at the time of ticketing.
Fuel surcharge and special insurance premium is determined by the each airline and corresponding route of the flight.

point Contact address (Please don't forget!)

Please inform us of your contact address (Telephone number etc) before your departure, so that you can be contacted by the airline in case of a waitlist at the time of booking and/or change of the flight schedules.

point City Check-in

Garuda Indonesia accommodates a check-in at the office in the city from one day before departure.
It is recommended to use this city check-in service in the high seasons, in order to avoid unexpected over-booking particularly in the case like a flight to Bali on long holidays.

point Internet Check-in

JAL and Singapore Airlines accommodate Internet Check-in, available from 72 hours or 48 hours before departure.
You can make a seat request as well, even in case of not done in advance.

point Important notice to KITAS holders

KITAS holders may not be permitted for departure and/or immigration, in the case of expiry of the re-entry permit. Please make sure your expiry date for re-entry permit before departure.